All based on parametric design, Parametric Residence is a building with polygonal architecture. The construction of this Villa began a few weeks ago. Its design is based on the synergy of creative and artistic searches with algorithms of computer modeling.

Project site is located in the beautiful valley Dehradun in ATS society. Therefore, there are wonderful views of the untouched nature of the mountains from the terraces of the house, and the building itself becomes a bright, attractive object, visible from great distances.

The design process was multistage and very varied. Many different sketches of the future building were made at the earliest stage. Analysis of the optimal architecture of the house was made on the basis of these sketches. The final version was chosen from the sketches and became a starting point for the detailed design.

A design group and engineering department worked on the project. During this time the detailed design of the house was completed. A fundamentally new fa├žade system based on parametric design was developed.